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Stairway Advertising & Stair Covers (Nosing): Adverstep

Unique & Patented – New To The Market – ADVERSTEP



Dynamic and new to market, Adverstep is a unique  billboard system that turns any set of stairs into a large format advertising space while also improving the stairs with code compliant anti-slip stair nosings.


Presented as a robust, permanently mounted safety stair nosing, Adverstep features an integrated display board over the riser of each tread that will receive replacable imaging and advertising copy. The signage can be installed or replaced in moments without any adhesives or peel and stick backing and almost anything you can think of can be printed, sliced and mounted as a billboard advertisement in Adverstep.

High traffic count spaces, previously overlooked for advertising now become high revenue producing options, while at the same time improving the pedestrian safety of the building. As an additional feature, glow in the dark strips may be included in every tread to work with other emergency guidance syustems in conditions of low or no light. Every tread will glow brightly, without any electricity, for up to 12 hours in darkness.

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ADVERSTEP is a truly amazing stair safety product that offers significant options not previously unavailable to facility managers:

  • High performance anti-slip protection to the step edges.
  • Super high glow-in-the dark emergency marking of every step tread.
  • The ability to turn your entire stairway into an advertising billboard.
  • Income generation from previously cost incurring space.
  • Reduced stairway wear, you benefit from lower maintenance costs.