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Industrial Anti-Slip Stair Covers

PIN on Timber 03

The consequences of slip and fall accidents on stairs are so serious, so common, and carry such a high cost in injury, fatality and lost profit, that we urge you to hesitate a moment before making any decisions on anti-slip stair nosings.

Not all stair nosings are made equal – far from it in fact and most will simply set you up on a never-ending cycle of replacement and frustration, not to mention expense. Let’s explain:

Almost all stair nosings are made by make a pre-formed base from smooth steel or smooth fibreglass and then laying a thin anti-slip coating over the top surface. The entire performance and life expectancy of these paint coated nosings is dependent on just that thin paint coating and how well it has been bonded to the base. The base material has no impact at all on providing anti-slip safety. It is easy to understand that this painted surface is easily worn down or damaged by impact, chemical attack or environmental conditions, leaving the nosing almost useless. The alarming truth is that this can happen is as short a time as a month or two.

Now factor in complications with rust and corrosion and thermal expansion and contraction in a metal base and you have within your facility a critical safety product that you simply can’t rely upon for any length of time.

Safety Step have however innovated an entirely new generation of industrial stair nosings that last for 10 years or more, are almost indestructible and retain high anti-slip and safety performance year after year. You can now do the job once and do it right, saving accidents and saving money. We have done this by moving away from the outdated  paint coating over a rigid base method, and developed a one step, composite fibreglass/fused alumina mix where the entire thickness of the stair nosing is a seamless 4mm thick anti-slip material. Coloured, fire resistant resin is reinforced with multiple layers of glass fibre, and while still fluid the diamond hard fused alumina chip is pressurized into the mix before it cures to a seamless composite, rigid material.


What this means is that Safety Step product is:

  • 100% rust and corrosion resistant.
  • Guaranteed against delamination and chipping.
  • Hugely impact and wear resistance.
  • Has extreme environmental and UV resistance.
  • Highly resistant to chemical attack.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Colour fast.
  • Lightweight.

Now widely recognised by many major international companies as the go-to brand, Safety Step  is the leader for long term and reliable use in industries such as marine and oil/gas, mining/refining, heavy industry, transportation and in areas with extreme temperatures.

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Please download the product technical data sheet for more information on sizes, profiles, colour and performance.