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Anti-Slip Walkway Covers

1-walkwayCreate a highly effective anti-slip surface over the top of your existing walkways and ramps without problematic surface coatings. By laying sheets or panels of pre-finished Safety Step Walkway Covers and fixing directly to your existing structure, you can quickly establish long lasting and highly durable anti-slip surfaces.

Fast to lay over steel, concrete, timber or open grate walkways with little or no interruption to your normal operations. Walkway Covers come to you finished and ready to fit, no cleaning, coatings or downtime required.

Walkway Covers are constructed off 100% composite fibreglass (FRP) in a special process that ensures that the diamond hard abrasive grit is buried right into the body of the cover, never peeling off or cracking. By 100% composite we describe how the product is bonded together in a single manufacturing process, no layering, no coating, no bonding to fail or come apart, just one seamless, composite material. These products demonstrate massive impact resistance, a wear resistance well beyond any surface coating, resistant to the most severe chemical contamination and are completely rust and corrosion proof.

Safety Step Walkway Covers are incredibly tough, durable beyond any normal limits and offer a lifetime value to beat all other products. Being lightweight they are well suited to marine applications and elevated platforms. We are so sure of these products that we offer a lifetime warranty against any failure due to materials or manufacturing fault.

You choose the grade of anti-slip to best suit your purpose, fine grade, industrial grade, offshore grade and extreme grade for heavy snow and ice conditions. Safety Yellow is the most common colour but we can make in almost any colour you choose.


  • 100% rust and corrosion resistant.
  • Guaranteed against delamination and chipping.
  • High impact and wear resistance.
  • Extreme environmental and UV resistance.
  • Highly resistant to chemical attack.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Colour fast.
  • Lightweight.
  • Available with in-built Glow In The Dark capability.
  • Indefinite life span