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Anti-Slip Stair Covers (Nosing):

The toughest, longest lasting and highest performing anti-slip stair covers (nosings) available today.

Well suited to the most extreme industrial situations, oil/gas and marine operations as well as all mining applications.

The Safety Step new-age technology means no rusting, no corrosion, hugely resistant to any environment and fitting is fast and easy, straight over your existing stairs. 

Simply the most robust, reliable and best value stair nosing on the market – guaranteed for life.

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Ladder Rung Anti-Slip Covers:

Turn slippery steel ladder rungs into reliably safe access ways in just minutes.

Safety Step anti-slip ladder rung covers will fit straight over both square and round ladder rungs and stay in place permanently without any screws or bolts.

Super tough 100% composite fibreglass construction means no rust or corrosion, no peeling or chipping, just reliable  performance and safety, year after year. Well suited to the toughest situations including marine/offshore application, mining and heavy industry.

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Anti-Slip Walkway Covers:

When you need to quickly establish a high performance anti slip surface on your walkways and ramps, without disruption to your operations, you cant go past Safety Step walkway covers.

Pre-finished and ready to install straight over almost any existing walkway, these 100% composite fibreglass covers create a super high traction surface that will withstand heavy traffic and real abuse. Completely rust and corrosion proof, resistant to all environmental conditions and able to withstand heavy chemical attack, Safety Step walkway covers are your best long term safety option.

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Glow In The Dark Evacuation:

Combine a high traction walking surface with super high performance glow in the dark emergency markers to create the ultimate escape routes throughout your facility. Even in total darkness the self charging, non-electric markers embedded into the walkway covers and stair nosings will light the way and permit fast and orderly evacuation.

Safety Step bring you the very latest and best in extreme anti-slip and passive glow technology, combined within one unique system.

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