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About Us

Dynamic and innovative anti-slip products are now being brought to market in Canada after years of poor product choice and low grade solutions. Steve Quinn, widely respected internationally as a leading long time authority in pedestrian safety systems has moved to shake up the local market with products of a type and performance not seen in Canada before.

Steve founded Safety Step International way back in the early 1990’s, and that brand has now grown to the leading international name in underfoot safety and emergency egress systems, represented in 12 countries.


Mr. Steve Quinn

Having operated in USA for some time, and naturally taking enquires from Canada, it quickly became clear that the wider Canadian market was badly under-serviced with quality anti-slip safety products to prevent accident injury on stairs, walkways and ladders, particularly within the industrial sector.  Typically out-dated peel and stick or paint down anti-slip systems were being used with high replacement cycles, high ongoing cost and poor effectiveness, so Safety Step is now bringing a range of sound, durable, world leading products to the Canadian market.

Safety Step International, headquartered in Australia, is a family owned and operated business which manufacture and exports the highest quality and most innovative Anti- Slip and glow in the dark way guidance products found anywhere in the world, products which can have double or even triple the life expectancy of the closest competitor.

Safety Step are the leading experts in systems that combine the very latest innovations in anti-slip technology with glow in the dark way guidance for emergency pathways, providing you with a fully integrated, totally trustworthy pedestrian safety system for your industrial facility, commercial building, school, hospital or indeed any place people gather or move about.

Join our team, we are keenly seeking new agents/re-sellers across all areas of Canada. This is a great opportunity for you to build a new business or supplement your existing operation by getting in early with a trusted and reliable brand in a very under supplied market.